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    Family Law

    It's All About Relationships

    Just as there are several different areas of medicine, the same is true of the legal world. Family law is the area of law concerned with marriage, divorce, adoption, child custody, and the like. Lawyers and law firms might specialize in a single area of family law, or they might focus on several practice areas. Learning more about family law lets clients know whether their case is suited for this area of the law.

Child Custody / Child Support

Child support and child custody are often involved with divorce cases. With this particular area of family law, a family lawyer is called in to work out settlement agreements and court orders and make adjustments to current child custody/support agreements. For instance, if one parent’s financial or professional situation changes, the other parent may ask for a change to the amount of child support paid.

Divorce Settlements

Divorce is probably one of the most well-known areas of family law. With divorce cases, the main goal is figuring out a fair settlement or agreement for both parties. What’s more is that lawyers will do everything possible to keep the case out of a trial or judge’s ruling. Items commonly involved in divorce cases include child visitation, dividing marital real estate property, and determining spousal support.

Establishing Paternity

For cases in which a father refuses paternity of a child or is absent from the child’s life, the mother can request a paternity test to determine whether the man is the father. If the man in question is the father, he can be made to pay child support. Fathers can also request a paternity test to prove they are not the father or to prove a child is theirs in order to have a relationship with the child on a regular basis.

When Things Get Complicated

Should You Hire A Lawyer?

Individuals dealing with cases involving any of the above or matters closely related should consult with a law firm that specializes in family law. The right experience, guidance, and information can make all the difference in a person understanding his or her legal rights. While it’s understandable for an individual to be reluctant to bring in a legal professional, doing so might be the best option available.